Remote assistance

Use this remote assistance button if you are already in contact with AnnTac Support. One of the agents will provide your unique support code by phone or email. Enter this code into the widget below and click the CONNECT button.

Follow the next steps to have an AnnTac employee take a look with you:

Enter the code provided by AnnTac:

Click on “CONNECT”

You will arrive at the page below:

Click here on the “JOIN SESSION” button

Now the page below appears, Zoho provides additional information about using Zoho Assist here:

Make sure the check box is checked and click on “Download”

Double click the download “ZA_Connect.exe” to open the client software for remote assistance. This software is not installed on the computer, only opened temporarily. After the support session, the temporary files will be deleted automatically.

Click here on Join to start the session.

It is possible that the message below also appears.

Click here on the button with the arrow next to it, the text on the button may differ if Windows is set to a different language.

The widget below now appears at the bottom right of the screen, which means that AnnTac can currently watch and start the work or explanation.

You can close the session at any time by closing this screen via the cross at the top right of the screen.

After closing the session, you will receive a brief overview of, among other things, the duration of the session.

This screen may be closed again.